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About Us


We are a local, family-run, full-service accounting firm based in South East Calgary


Setalus Tax and Accounting Pro (STAP) has been serving Canadian since 2009 with wide range of experience on Canadian Income tax system with more than 1400 personal tax clients and 120 small business clients





Our Mission and Vision

To provide affordable and reliable professional services in areas of accounting, tax and payroll.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does your company offer?

STAPTAXES provide offer services such as Bookkeeping and Payroll, Corporate Services, Tax Services, Business Service, etc.

Which bookkeeping service is best for me, in-house or offsite?

That depends entirely on what your business limitations are. If you lack the space and software, your best bet is to go with offsite bookkeeping. Ultimately, it all depends on what is best for you.

Does your company do tax planning for Government Tax?

Yes, STAPTAXES do tax planning for all of that including reconciliation.

I am self-employed. Can you help me decipher my business expenses?

STAPTAXES definitely can. You can contact us and we will give you a thorough assessment of what your business expenses are.

I would like to start my own business soon, how can I get a business plan started?

To get started on a business plan, call us to set up an appointment with us and will help you take the right steps.

Will my Sensitive Financial Data secured?

STAPTAXES assure that you and only people authorized by you are privy to your most important data. Each company’s data is password protected. Security measures are taken to make sure that your information is protected. Data security is further enhanced with the use of an updated firewall, anti-spyware, and anti-virus software.


SETALUS TAX & ACCOUNTING PRO INC.(STAP) is a forward-looking company whose people look for the latest in technologies to assist you in your management decisions. Our services offered unbeatable value in terms of business expertise, integrity, customer service, and tailored bookkeeping solutions to meet your small business needs.

Why outsource my accounting department?

Accounting and bookkeeping are our only business. By outsourcing your accounting position, your company doesn’t have to endure the hiring process, no use of your business premises, and lose valuable time and operating costs. We can give you efficient and consistent quality service provided by our qualified professionals. You want to focus your time and energy on business strategy and goals. An outsourced accounting department gives your company accurate financial data so you can determine what customers and/or products are the most profitable. You can concentrate more time on the most successful aspects of your company. This capability allows a business owner to become truly savvy in investing energy and resources in the right places. Contact us for a quote.

How do I find out more?

Give us a call, STAPTAXES welcome the opportunity to speak with you, answer all your questions, and work out all the details of how we can help you. If it looks like we have the right solution, then try our service and experience the peace of mind so many of our clients now enjoy.


STAPTAXES categorizes business papers by the extent of importance. Most important papers include bank and credit card statements of accounts mostly used for business, corresponding canceled checks and deposit slips, customer invoices, vendor bills and check stubs government correspondence. For excellent bookkeeping, bring us all.


STAPTAXES offers Personal Income Tax, Self Employed/Business Tax, and Corporate Tax Return. Check our Income Tax Service page for more details or give us a call.

What do I need to file my taxes?

STAPTAXES has provided a checklist for the necessary documents on the forms page. Or you may click here for a copy.

How long does it take for me to receive my refund?

When using the EFILE service, you can expect to receive your Notice of Assessment from the CRA within 3 weeks. Processing time for paper filed will be at least 8 weeks, it might take longer for CRA to assess your return in peak season.

Does your company E-file tax returns?

Yes, STAPTAXES is registered to E-File your return.

What if I haven’t filed my previous year’s tax returns?

STAPTAXES can still help and STAPTAXES will represent you to tax authorities to help you settle your tax issues.

What if I am selected for review?

Please do not hesitate to contact us so we will guide and assist you throughout the process.

Does your company correct misfiled tax returns?

Absolutely, STAPTAXES can file T1-Adjustment for you. Bring your tax return to us and will make sure we give the right advice to let you know the best course of action.

Can you stay up-to-date with tax law changes?

STAPTAXES most certainly can. Our professionals are prepared and knowledgeable of newly changed tax laws every year.

What makes your tax services exceptional?

STAPTAXES are in business year-round. We ask you questions and use a broad checklist to prepare your return. We look for ways we can save you money, not just in the current tax year but on an ongoing basis. We also offer tax planning service.

How much do you charge for personal tax preparation?

STAPTAXES can provide an estimate before you engage us. You will be under no obligation to use our services. Feel free to Contact us for more details.