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The Canadian income tax system is self-reporting. What this means is that it is the responsibility of the taxpayer to determine the amount of income tax that is due, whether personal or corporate tax and remit that amount to the Canada Revenue Agency.

Most people find tax season to be an extremely stressful time. My expertise offers full-service personal tax services that are designed to help take the stress out of doing your taxes.

Corporate Tax

As per Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) guidelines, Canadian corporations must file a T2, or corporate income tax return, every year, even if there is no tax payable. Corporate tax returns must be filed within six months from the end of a corporation’s fiscal year.


Corporate taxes are required to be paid three months after the fiscal year. A corporate tax year, or fiscal period, cannot exceed 53 weeks. In order to receive a tax refund, your corporate income tax return must be filed within three years of the end of a fiscal period.

Personal Tax

We know and understand that many business and personal taxes are intertwined, and our tax professionals offer the integration of both services to help further drive efficiencies and reduce overhead. Our comprehensive range of tax services includes:


  • Tax compliance,
  • Tax planning for owner-manager remuneration,
  • Family tax minimization

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